Jean holds many workshops on topics like money management, making money as a musician, African Drumming – read on to find out more about the workshops and how to book Jean.

Guest Speaking

These talks are suitable for people of all backgrounds and belief systems. I specialise in educational institutions and rehabilitation centres:

Schools, Colleges & Universities

Young offender’s institutions and Prisons

Community centres

Therapeutic services

Corporate organisations

I cover a wide variety of topics and discipline led by the aims and targets of my audience. I love working with people to help them overcome tragedy and deal with their grief or sense of loss.

My personal aim is to educate participants in the history and culture of my native Congo. Their way of life, loves and losses are a true inspiration and gives me a true sense of purpose.

Life Skills Workshop

I teach:

  • Teenagers and young people how to handle their money.
  • Parents how to help their children become more money literate through a series of strategies.
  • Adults in debt to find financial freedom and manage their money more responsibly.
  • All ages about where their money goes, including taxes, pensions, National Insurance and savings.


My courses show small groups of people how to make the most of their hard earned cash.

Music, Poetry & Visual Arts

In these workshops, Jean tells his story and experiences to the participants and based on this, the participants then choose to write songs, poems or can draw images reflecting all the emotions in Jean’s story.  These workshops are popular among students and school pupils especially those doing performing arts studies and in institutions such as Youth offenders, community centres and prisons. 

African Dance and Drumming 

In these workshops, participants learn African dance and drumming. This is designed to enable participants to create a piece of dance and drumming performance to be performed at the end of the session.  

Refugee & Asylum Awareness 

This workshop is designed to educate participants about refugee and asylum issues. Having escaped to safety from his war torn country aged 15, and living in the UK, Jean strongly believes that it is important for him to talk of his asylum and refugee experiences to community members many of whom have not heard of these directly from a person with a refugee and asylum background.  In this workshop, Jean gives details of his experiences during the war, how he lost his family, the pains and torture he endured, his escape, and his early days in the UK having no family and friends, the culture shock and how he managed to turn his situation from bad to better using his mind and imagination techniques. This is an inspiring and motivating session where participants can ask questions and engage in discussion regarding these issues.  

Money Management Tips Every Students & Young People Should Know

We all have a limited amount of money to spend and seemingly unlimited amount of items we would like to purchase. Therefore, it comes down to making choices. Choices have consequences- so every financial choice we make can have a cost. 

In this workshop, Jean teaches his audience to become financially independent and self-reliant, take control of their money so it does not control them and finally, determine their financial needs for the future. 

Changing Your Life Through Better Money Management 

This workshop is aimed at struggling low income families and anyone who feels can benefit from it.  

The information in this workshop can help attendees change their lives by learning to: 

  • Find employment: We discuss job-finding and employment tips, including how to prepare for a job, become employable, and understand a payslip. 
  • Live within means: Attendees will learn to use a spending plan so they know where their money goes, with special focus on managing expenses for food, clothing, and transportation.  
  • Use mainstream financial services: We look at the benefits of using a bank or credit union and how to choose one. 
  • Reduce debt: We Explain credit and debt, including good debt, reducing overall debt, and building a good credit history. 

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