Jean Blanchard Azip 

Father, singer/songwriter, motivational speaker and workshop leader.

I was born in war torn Democratic Republic of Congo in the 1980’s. I was an average African boy. I played! I learnt! I grow! After heartbreakingly losing my beloved family in a series of tragic events, I made the epic and eventful voyage to the UK. A lone-child seeking asylum and safety I began to rebuild my life.

The revelation that I had been spared from the jaws of death brought both joy and sadness to my young heart. At the tender age of _______, I realised I had been given a second chance at life. This emotional journey became my motivation to help others overcome their difficulties and find their dreams and passions. Seeking a world class education here in England I became an accountant. I followed by musical vision and became a successful music artist (See the music section for more information).

My desire is to engage the disengaged and to inspire the unmotivated. I do this by giving back to the community that has given me sanctuary. Within my workshops I use my artistic abilities and life story to develop strategies to support people with their emotional and mental well-being. Emotional intelligence starts with a single spark of inspiration.

These workshops are suitable for all age groups, schools, colleges, Universities, Young offender’s institutions, prisons, community centres and corporate organisations and cover the following disciplines and topics.
Jean educates the participants about the history, culture, way of life and geography of his native Congo. 

“I’m giving back to the community for allowing me to rebuild my life here in the UK.”

  • Musician
  • Speaker
  • Teacher and Coach
  • Giving Back

My Story

He moved to the UK as a lone child seeking asylum after losing his family during the war in his native Congo.
Apart from the above workshops, Jean has a 8 piece African music and dance band. The band is called Britannia Rumba. As a band, they have built a strong reputation as one of the most exciting music and dance groups.
They have performed at the G-mex, Bolton Octagon theatre, Contact theatre, Manchester Academy, Telford Warehouse, The Brewery Arts Centre, The Zion Centre, the green room and many more venues and festivals around the Northwest
Since the release of their second album Plaisir Ya Trop “Pure Pleasure”, the band has successfully toured Benin, Togo, Nigeria and Burkinafaso in West Africa and Tanzania East Africa electrifying the crowd with their infectious Congolese Soukouss dance music. 

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