Motivational Speaking

How I can make a POSTIVE IMPACT on your life!


Let me make a positive impact:

  • Hear how I lost everything and rebuilt my life.
  • Learn how to truly hear what those closest to you have to say.
  • Be inspired to change your lifestyle and perspective for the world.
  • Gain strategies to turn your negative thoughts into positive affirmations.
  • Hear my story and know you are blessed.


I can be booked by the hour, half day or full day for your function, course, workshop or educational establishment as a guest speaker. I will tailor my talk to your audience and organisation.


We take many, many things for granted and we are so materialistic these days. Learn the lessons from my life where I lost everything, and yes I mean everything and how I rebuilt a life for myself from the ground up.


Take time to listen to what is really out there, step away from the noise of social media and learn that those closest to you often have the most important things to say to you.


But first you have to be quiet….


and listen.


So I will attend your function, course, workshop and talk about my life and my struggles and inspire those that attend.

Many who have attended have commented on how my story have changes their lives and the view on the world.

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